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  • Fairfax Criminal Attorney: Teen Girls Charged with Sexual Assault

    Posted on November 5, 2013, 8:16 am by admin

    Several teen girls have been charged with crimes due to an alleged sexual assault in Northampton County. These teens were charged with animate object sexual penetration, aggravated sexual battery, attempted animate object sexual penetration, and sexual battery. The charges stem from an incident that allegedly occurred  in August, while the girls were arrested on Oct. 22. These charges are very serious and require the attention of a Fairfax Criminal Attorney right away. Fairfax Criminal Attorney on Object Sexual Penetration One of the charges these teens face, animate object sexual penetration, is one of the most serious sex crimes in Virginia. The maximum penalty for this crime is potentially life in prison, so someone charged with this crime needs an experienced Fairfax Criminal Attorney. This crime involves penetration with the finger or another part of the human body. A similar charge, inanimate object sexual penetration, would involve penetration with a foreign

  • Fairfax Traffic Violations Lawyers: How to Avoid Points on your License

    Posted on October 29, 2013, 8:14 am by admin

    When you get a traffic ticket in Virginia, the state will automatically assign demerit points to your license. Even seemingly minor tickets can cause serious problems when they begin to accumulate. Therefore, even for something that seems minor, it is best to contact Fairfax Traffic Violations Lawyers who can help get these tickets reduced, preventing the serious penalties that can occur from having too many points on your license. Fairfax Traffic Violations Lawyers on Demerit Points in Virginia Virginia has the demerit point system which assigns violations with either three points, four points, or six points. For a simple speeding ticket, such as 5 MPH over the speed limit, a person would get three points on their license. For a drunk driving offense, however, they would receive six points. Fairfax Traffic Violations Lawyers can help get these tickets reduced to non-moving violations to prevent these points. The penalties these points

  • Fairfax Traffic Violations Lawyer: Many People Ticketed Under New Texting Law

    Posted on October 22, 2013, 8:13 am by admin

    On July 1, a new law in Virginia took effect, making texting while driving a primary offense. This means that police can pull a person over solely for sending or receiving text messages or other digital communication while driving. 328 people have received a citation under this new law. As a Fairfax Traffic Violations Lawyer, it is important for drivers to understand this new law and keep their phone in their pockets or purse until getting home. Fairfax Traffic Violations Lawyer on Fines from Texting While Driving This new statute was put into effect because texting while driving can cause impairment similar to being drunk. If a person is caught texting while driving, they will face the following penalties: $125 for a first offense $250 for a second or subsequent offense Potential points against their license Because points against a person’s license can cause insurance rates to skyrocket, it is

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